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HRR 2014 - Other HRR news


The Prince Albert was comfortably won by Newcastle University, who had put our boys out on the Saturday. Newcastle beat Harvard by 3 1/2 lengths, time 7.21 compared to 2 lengths over Brookes on the Saturday in a time of 7.17. I'll leave you to do the maths on that - but I think we all know when that final was really raced...

Congratulations and commiserations to ALL Brookes athletes - Thanks for a great Henley 2014

Taurus and Brookes members were also seen at the prize giving in both premier VIII's events - Zoe de Toledo coxed the Leander and IC Women's VIII to a fine 2/3 length win over Hollandia Roieclub in the Remenham and Matt Tarrant sitting at 7 in the Leander and UL beating the French by 1 1/2 lengths.

In the end a well balanced regatta saw plenty of home and foreign wins with some great club wins, notably UTRC picking up the Wyfold and Brit and Gloucester, with composite crews on both sides of the Princess Grace W4x final and Diamond Jubilee (JW4x) The most exciting but ultimately gut wrenching result had to be the final of the Wyfold between Upper Thames and Tideway Scullers. The crews had level pegged most of the way up the course with a few steering warnings. Scullers had a few feet into the enclosures on the unfavoured station but UTRC seemed to get their nose ahead by the progress board when the crews clashed and the race was stopped. Scullers were DQ'd and the win went to UTRC. Very subdued applause from the crowds.

Right - back to work everyone....!