Taurus Boat Club

August 2004

Ryan DaviesComment

There were plenty of international appearances by Taureans, but the highlight was without question the Athens Olympics, with Stevie Williams anchoring the British men's coxless four to gold. The four won an epic race by 0.08 seconds, or more or less the chunk of bow canvas on which Alex Partridge's name had been painted, but the first actual man over the line was Steve at bow. He could barely speak for hours afterwards, in a daze after the Olympic medal ceremony. He and Ed Coode were then glued to the TV screen during the post-race press conference, which annoyingly overlapped with the M8+'s B-final, including GBR. Sadly Jonno Devlin, another bow-seat Brookes man, did not have such a good result, but it was most people's view that the eight had done pretty well just to get to Athens without losing any more people after a much disrupted summer.