Taurus Boat Club

Taurus Barbecue at Henley Royal Regatta - Saturday 2nd July 


Taurus BBQ

** Saturday 2nd July

** Location: Cricket Club

** Time: After Last Race

** Cost: £10

** HRR 2015

Oxford Brookes Crews

Temple Challenge Cup (Student 8+): Brookes ‘A’ Brookes ‘B’ Brookes ‘C’

Remenham Challenge Cup (Elite Women’s 8’s)

Visitors Challenge Cup (Intermediate 4-): Brookes/Proteus, NED composite GB U23 Lwt’s (with Ben Reeves)

Prince Albert Challenge Cup (Student 4+) Queen Mother (Elite 4x - GB Senior Lwt’s, with Jamie Copus)

Extra details of interest:

* The Temple 8 comprises of 7/9 of last year’s crew, including 4 GB U23’s

* This is the first time EVER that an all-Brookes, all-student crew has qualified for the Remenham